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Environmental Impacts & Mitigation

The environmental impact due to the construction and operation of the project are moderate.
The major adverse impact is the change in ecosystem in the dewatered reach of Hewa Khola
from downstream of the weir up to the tailrace. The continuous environmental release of 10% of
minimum monthly flow which is equivalent to 242 l/s will compensate the adverse effect to this
reach. The mild profiled boulder weir and free overflow supports migratory fish-movement, thus
is environment freindly.
The key social issues in the area are rural electrification and upgrading of the access road to
this area. Electricity is a must for the prospective growth of small scale industries and upgrading
of the road has facilitated trade and commerce of the area. With the construction of the project,
local people have been getting many direct and indirect benefits. During the project construction,
contractual provisions were made for restricting hunting and entering into the forest by the project
There were little permanent loss of forest land and trees as in the case of other similar type of
projects. However, number of tree cut was considerably minimized. The re-plantation program
was carried out as prescribed in the approved main EIA report. Socio-environmental problems
mitigation/ minimization are being carried out as prescribed in the Environmental Management