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Established 2008 A.D.

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Project Implementation

The final list of the Contract Packages with their titles and the selected contractors/ suppliers
are given below:

The project’s substantial completion was achieved on Mangsir 2073 (November 2016).
After the completion of the project, testing of all major components of the projects were
carried out by a team of experts from the SHEPL, PPC and NEA. The test witness works
of HKAHEP was carried out by a test witness committee. Transmission line insulation test,
resistance test, earthing test, insulation test of substation equipment, CT/PT ratio test,
isand mode operation test, charging of transmission line from PH to Phidim substation
were completed successfully.

Due to delay in construction of Godak-Phidim section of 132 kV Kabeli Corridor
transmission line, the power generated by the project was planned to evacuate
alternatively through Phidim-Tilkini 33 kV line by stepping down the transmission voltage
at Phidim substation. The plant was connected only at Main bus bar of Phidim substation
although the substation had provision of Main and Transfer bus scheme. Also, the
company installed AIS system for interconnection at Phidim substation.

Key dates of the testing and commissioning are given below:


The tests were witnessed and evaluated by the team and found to be satisfactory.

After successful test generation of the power plant, it was continuously in operation for 15 days from 2073/10/07 to 2073/10/21 as per PPA requirement and after which, commercial operation was started from Magh 22, 2073 ( February 04, 2017).